In February 2021 I was diagnosed with a progressive, incurable autoimmune/connective tissue disease called Sclerooderma. To be more specific I have diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis. A hallmark of the disease is that it hardens and tightens skin and can do the same to inner organs as well. I was just getting into my art career when this disease hardened and bent my hands into painful, contracted knots. Being unable to paint or work at my studio any longer seemed like the end of art for me; until my husband got me an iPad for Mother's Day. I slowly began to play with Procreate painting software and discovered that I could still handle dry materials like I always could. Now I could paint anywhere! I could paint sitting down without mixing colors or cleaning brushes. I could paint in my wheelchair or during infusions. Time for my art to make a comeback.
Toward the end of 2022 I was finally able to get back in to my studio and pick up some real pastels. What a heavenly feeling! Going forward I have decided to concentrate my work to pastels, graphite, charcoal, and pencils of all kinds, as well as digital painting.
I am currently a Contributing Artist member of Sync Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District in downtown Denver.
My studio is located in Prism Workspaces, one of Denver's premier communities of working artists. I love it there! Please contact me for  a studio visit and Prism tour.
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