Vibrational energy is the core of all life. As I walk amongst the crowd my inner visions are enhanced and enlightened by these vibrations. Heightened awareness tingles inside of me as sensations of visual messages, swiftly changing emotions, the roller coaster of non-verbal highs and lows; flash into view.
These felt human conflicts of identity, race, mental and social awareness are transformed into artistic expressions upon the canvas.
This exploration captures my empathy for those who have become invisible and without a voice in our society. An uncaring world looks on pretending not to see, while I invite the viewer to consider ambiguous perspectives about the established realities we live with.
It took me awhile but once I realized and understood that my inspirations and artistic messages came from all of the emotional energy I was picking up, I knew why I couldn't paint kittens and flowers. While I love kittens and flowers as much as anyone else, they are not what ignites my burning inner passions and purpose in the world. I recently discovered that those who experience this intuitive knowing and gut-feeling are clairsentient. Most people have experienced this in their lives at one time or another. In my life, I live with a sense of this heightened awareness on a daily basis. Add to this my other superpowers of bipolar disorder II and Crohn's disease, and my gut feelings inform much of my ability to create artistically.
My process involves turning this chaos of highly charged feelings and thoughts into a visual language that relates the message to the viewer. I often start with a photograph that I then sketch or project onto my canvas or wood panel. I incorporate mediums and materials that I feel will create the meaning I want to get across. I often don't know what the whole process will be as I start a piece. Sometimes the process changes as the work tells me what it needs as we go along. I work in pastels (oil and soft), oil and acrylic paints, charcoal, graphite, and also incorporate photography, collage, and mixed media materials into my work.
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